Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi created the Compañía La Soledad in Bogotá in 2011, focused on itinerant stage proposals, performances and site specific. They turned the novel El paseo, by the Swiss Robert Walser, into a “walking theater” play: since 2012 they performed it more than 150 times in the streets of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Bogotá, Medellín, Pereira, São Paulo, Havana, Mexico City, Xalapa, Madrid, Barcelona, Terrassa, Mallorca, Lisbon and Berlin, at festivals such as Fringe (Madrid), Filba (Buenos Aires) or Kosmópolis (Barcelona).


In a line of work that unites literary texts with theater and contemporary art, they also produced the works Cuento mi vida (Bogotá y Buenos Aires, 2014), Sin cartas no hay amor (Ciclo Anfitriona, Barcelona, 2017), El inventor del paraíso (Casa Planas, Mallorca, 2018), Juego de cartas (Centro Cultural España en México, 2018), Nobel a Borges (Filba, Buenos Aires, 2018), Bolaño, vuelve a casa (Lata Peinada, Barcelona, 2020) y Yo sé perder (Antic Teatre, Barcelona, 2021).



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Hybridizing installation, documentary theatre, poetry and dance, we create in each place a "maritime" play that works as a tribute to that fascinating mystery that is el  mar and has it, at the same time, as scenario. 

As we usually do in other projects, the starting point is a literary text ; in this case, it is the poem “La isla en peso”, which the Cuban writer Virgilio Piñera published in 1943 and begins like this: 

La maldita circunstancia del agua 

por todas partes 

me obliga a sentarme en la mesa del café. 

Si no pensara que el agua 

me rodea como un cáncer 

hubiera podido dormir 

a pierna suelta. 

We were also inspired by the beginning of the conference This is water, de  David Foster Wallace:

Two fish are swimming alongside each other when they run into an older fish  swimming in the opposite direction, who greets them and says “good morning guys, how are you  is the water? The two fish keep swimming until after a while  one turns to the other and asks: “what the hell is water?”;

and in the Baltic Happening , which Tadeusz Kantor carried out in 1968. Then, the Pole dressed in a frock coat, climbed a ladder and, facing the sea and with his back to the public, he created a kind of maritime concert in which he directed the waves brandishing a baton.  

In each place of residence, research, creation and development of the project, the scenic result will be a completely different piece, adapted to the place, its reality and its relationship with water.

This project is a co-production of Dos Orillas Cultura, FIT from Cádiz, Escenas do Cambio, ORTEUV in Veracruz and Sofía Caetano in Azores. It has the support of IBERESCENA, Nau Ivanow, C.IN.E. and TenerifeLAV.

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• Direction and dramaturgy:
Compañía La Soledad (Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi)

• Production, administration and distribution:
Dos Orillas Cultura, Angels Queralt

• Scenography and costumes: Sofía Caetano
• Image: Muriel Staircase
• Lighting design: Conrado Parodi

• Cast: Marc Caellas, Esteban Feune de Colombi, Corinne Spitalier and Muriel Escalera along with people from the local community .

The project is a co-production of Dos Orillas Cultura (Spain), Festival Iberoamericano, FIT de Cádiz (Spain), Escenas do Cambio (Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain), ORTEUV  Veracruz (Mexico),  Azores ( Portugal) and has the support of IBERESCENA.



performance tour for small groups

#LandTheatre #SiteSpecific 

#MultidisciplinaryTheater #Performance

El paseo de Robert Walser –so written, all together, directed by Marc Caellas and starring Esteban Feune de Colombi– is a changing scenic proposal that takes place in the streets of neighborhoods in different cities.

Sort of like a site-specific play, the journey begins at a corner, where a group of no more than 15 spectators meet the actor who plays Robert Walser's walker and follows him for an hour, in apparent anarchy, through the neighborhood in question. Along the way there are encounters, random or not, theatrical or not, improvised or not, with a merchant, a retired actress, a bookseller, a singer and/or a public employee; there is also a stop with refreshments at the home of a friend and patron, shortly before sunset leads us to the end of the work.

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