Performing arts and cultural projects production and management



Professionals with a long and recognized experience in institutional culture management, production, communication, and in national and international distribution for touring.

Our experience, both in public and private and our deep knowledge of cultural realities of Latin America and Europe, makes DOS ORILLAS CULTURA a very powerful tool to be used by artists or by institutions that request us.


Our will is to accompany artistic projects that make us dream, help them exist and approach them to as many audiences as possible. We believe that culture, and performing arts in particular, are necessary and fundamental for the development and education and by that conviction we have decided to dedicate our work and our life to its care, its spread and its enjoyment.



Alma mater


Has studied at Barcelona University Arts History, Performing Arts specialization. Since 1991, has been working in culture for public and private spheres.  Holding several posts in Barcelona City Council Culture Department, including executive producer at the Barcelona International Grec Festival. As coordinator and executive producer at the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004 for theater, dance and classical music projects presented in Barcelona city, has collaborated with international cultural and social referents. In 2014 founded Dos Orillas Cultura to manage (produce, communicate and distribute) cultural projects from the private sector.